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Medical COE Associate with French

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Opis stanowiska pracy Medical COE Associate with French
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Medical COE Associate – description Role Summary:
  • The Medical COE Associate provides primary operational support to various programs within Global Medical Operations, Governance and Community (GMOGC) which include but are not limited to independent grants and research collaborations.
  • The major responsibilities include but are not limited to: assessing grant eligibility and compliance, facilitating grant reviews, serving as the primary point of contact for grantee organizations, negotiating contracts, processing financial transactions, coordinating drug supply, and liaising with internal and external stakeholders.
  • The Medical COE Associate will coordinate with Country Office colleagues as well as Headquarters (HQ) colleagues across different functional lines for logistical support and to ensure compliance.
  • Perform due diligence on grant requestor, ensure the requesting organization and/or the grant requester is not listed on any national, international, or internal exclusions lists. Verify accreditation at the organization level or at the activity level when applicable, and review grant request for accuracy and completeness.
  • Coordinate request review process including setting approval workflow and preparing necessary review documents. Ensure Reviewer/Approver reference table is up to date.
  • Complete/support any necessary further due diligence activities such as anti-bribery and corruption processes.
  • Partner with medical reviewers and approvers to allocate payment and set milestones. Select the appropriate contract template for signature and execution.
  • Liaise with external stakeholders and local legal colleagues to ensure acceptance and execution of the grant contract.
  • Manage financial transactional details as well as drug supply requests based upon executed contract and milestone payments; work with Pharmaceutical Sciences colleagues and other internal stakeholders to ensure clinical supply forecasts are up-to-date and supplies are available as required.
  • Manage regular program oversight activities for enrollment, IRB approval/renewals, and progress. Forward program update documentation to the appropriate reviewers and release milestone payments as applicable.
  • Assist PCO and HQ colleagues with status reports, queries, and other support as required.
  • Partner with global team and contribute to process and business technology improvement projects within areas of responsibility, as requested.
  • Bachelor’s degree (BA, BS) required with preference for a focus in science, healthcare, or related field.
  • Oral and written fluency in English and French.
  • Operational experience in clinical trial management, educational grants, or healthcare industry (pharmaceuticals/life sciences/medical).
  • Knowledge of IT systems/software for database maintenance and document management.
  • Demonstrated effectiveness working in a multidisciplinary, matrix team situation, and demonstrated ability to manage change and diversity.
  • Good understanding of multiple disciplines (e.g., healthcare compliance/law, regulatory, drug supply, clinical and pre-clinical research, medical educational, publication development, project and budget management)
  • Experience with various processes/systems/functions: MAPP (FCPA), Ariba SAP reporting strongly preferred.
  • Developed customer service skills and teamwork spirit.
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